TERMS & CONDITION Specific terms and wording that has been used for these terms & conditions: “Organizers or organization” The Super Queen Nigeria jointly or separately. An Entrant is the individual who completes and submits an entry form, a finalist or grand finalist is the individual is an individual that is subsequently accepted for a place in the SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA. 1.ELIGIBILITY 1.1- Each entrant must qualify under the following criteria to be considered (by the discretion of the organizers) all entrants must be female and aged 18-28 years of age, entrant must be a Nigerian citizen and must be single. All ladies under the age of 18 must get a guardian or parental consent to enter the contest which is required to be acknowledged on the entry form. All entrants must meet the general entry requirements, entrants must be a citizen of Nigeria. By the submitting an entry form all entrants acknowledge that they have read these terms & conditions of entry and have completed all of the information required on the entry form fully and accurately, agreeing to contestants terms and conditions. Failure to do so may lead to result to an entrants expulsion at any time during competition process and without redress.. Entrants agree to partake and be featured in any photography, filming (be it for television use or the use of all social media networks by the organizer’s) when attending official interviews and events. 2. BEHAVIOUR 2.1- All entrants and grand finalists are required to conduct themselves in a responsible and ladylike manner, failure to do so may lead to expulsion or disqualification. Any failure by an entrants or grand finalist or supporters to maintain a standard of behavior that is acceptable to the organizer’s may lead to disqualification of the entrants or grand finalist and ejection of the entrant or grand finalist and her supporters from the venue of the official event.. 3.SPONSORSHIP 3.1- The entry fee to apply for the SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA competition is five thousand naira only, text voting or public voting of a minimum of 5,000 is required to be selected as a grand finalist. The highest vote in this category has the popularity award. When an entrant is subsequently selected for a place in the SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA competition and grand finale, the  grand finalist will be requested to take care of some glamorous requirements and any fee related to beauty upgrade while accommodation, welfare will be taken care of during the period of the event by the organization. 3.2- The selected grand finalist (not applicants)will require to secure a sponsor for/supporters to enable them to take care of their requiredneeds during the competition of the SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA COMPETITION, sponsorship can be obtained through one or multiple sources and can be from individuals, organization, companies,local business, groups of friends, family or the entrant can sponsor herself. 3.3 Each selected grand finalist is required to have a minimum of 20 fans at the grand finale to provide a minimum level of support for the entrant and to ensure an equal and fair competitive environment for all, failure to meet up to that may lead to disqualification. 4.OBLIGATION AND COMMITMENT: GRAND FINALIST… 4.1- All grand finalists are required to willingly attend and be  present at all relevant rehearsals, training sessions, photography section, sponsors events, etc. 4.2- All grand finalist must arrive on time and as required for any rehearsals, photoshoots and the grand finale, the details of which will be clearly outlined and stated to the grand finalists in advance.. 4.3- For television,genral media and all official online usages, all grand finalists agree that any image or images of the grand finalists submitted as part of their application or any images produced about the event or associated events may be used by the organizer’s in any way deemed fit for promotional, public relations and  publication purposes. In agreeing to this, the grand finalists waives all right to copyright claims it claims of intellectual property rights for an indefinite period. 4.4- The organizer’s will provide all grand finalists with an official grand finalist graphic/logo/image, JPEG file format. Which the grand finalists are required to display as their profile image on all social networks, promotional or model sites during the full duration of the SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA campaign up to and including the  SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA finale weekend. 5. GENERAL 5.1- The organizers may amend any of these terms and conditions at any time if they so deemed necessary. 5.2- A judging and selection panel of no less than 3 officially authorized person’s will oversee and undertake the judging pocess for selection of the grand finale participants from all entry application submitted and their decisions will be final 5.3- All matters relating to the competition selections and results shall be determined by the judges appointed by the organizers about the relevant selections and the grand finale results. The judges decisions as announced shall be final and the judges will not be required to enter into any correspondence with any individual about the selections. All such or subsequent correspondence should be undertaken in writing and directed to the organizers only. 5.4- For purposes of all communication, notifications, updates or the distribution of information. The email address provided by the entrants at the time of submitting an entry application will be used in all cases and such is acceptable method of communication and all entrants are personally responsible for the regular checking of such and any related administering or communication that may be required. The entrants accepts that she must be active at all periods via the organization online grooming, via the organization information WhatsApp line. 5.5- in accepting these terms and conditions of entry, the entrant also acknowledges acceptance of the terms of the associated contest release which the entrant confirms maybe required. The entrant accepts that she must be active at all periods via the organization online grooming, via the organization information WhatsApp line… 6. Form 6.1- if selected as SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA finalist, by accepting a grand finale place as grant to both the SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA organization the absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission in respect of my image or voice or wording video/film.  Computer-generated presentation reffered to as digital resources as well as photographic portraits or pictures that have been taken of me: to use,re-use,publish and re-publish the same in whole or in part, individually or in any media now or hereafter know and for any purpose whatsoever, for illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, and trade, or any other purpose whatsoever without restrictions as to alteration;and to use my name in connection therewith if they so choose. 6.2- I hereby waive any so called moral rights of authors if I amused in video or film programming and Grant the  SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA consent to make the fullest possible use of my services here under. 6.3- The SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA may without my further consent use my name,likeness, biography, photographs if me and recordings of interviews with me in advertising, publicity and on the internet. I hereby release and discharge the SUPER QUEEN NIGERIA organization it’s owners, employees, staffs, associates or representative from any claims and demands araisingout of or in connection with the use of any films, photographs, including without limitation of any claims for libel or invasion of privacy. All entrants confirm their acceptance of the full terms and conditions release by completing and submitting the form…. Cash price is $200 TOP